IET – Incubator

Instituto Empresarial do Tâmega


The Corporate Incubator (IE) is a second generation incubator, which means that it places a strong emphasis on supporting incubatees, enhancing their success after graduation.

The territorial integration and the national and international scenarios, characterized by high levels of long-term unemployment especially affecting younger age-groups and people older than 45, advise to give consideration to the concept of a mixed corporate incubator, i.e., have both a Corporate Incubator of Technological Base (IEBT) and a Corporate Incubator of Traditional Sectors (IEST).

The IEBT part, is a corporate incubator whose products, processes or services are generated from results of applied research and development, in which technology represents high value added.

The IEST part, is a corporate incubator connected to traditional economic sectors, which use technology widely distributed but want to add value to their products, processes and services through an incremental improvement of their technological level and who commit to incorporate or develop new technologies.

In each case innovation, more disruptive on IEBT and more incremental on IEST, will always be the differentiating factor, as an essential pillar for competitiveness, it is up to the IE:

  • Entrepreneurship promotion (entrepreneurs’ awareness and attraction);
  • Pre-incubation support;
  • Incubation support;
  • Post-incubation support.


Corporate Incubator

• 49 modules (13,00 m2 to 49,50 m2).

– Industrial Incubator

• 13 modules (40,60 m2 to 115,20 m2).

– Free-use shared spaces

• Hall; café; sanitary facilities; exterior spaces.

– Conditioned-use shared spaces

• Auditorium; meeting rooms; training rooms.