Instituto Empresarial do Tâmega

Instituto Empresarial do Tâmega (IET), is a non-profit association of private law with a scientific and technical nature. The constitution of the association is the result of a set of intentions from institutional entities (municipalities, universities and schools), enterprises and entities who support competitiveness, which led to its constitution on August 20th, 2010.

Instituto Empresarial do Tâmega, was established based on the regional development triple helix model aiming to transform, in a 10-year horizon, the main area of intervention in an entrepreneurial valley of excellence, by increasing significantly indicators such as qualified employment, productivity and the rate of medium/high technological intensive start-ups creation.

For this purpose, IET promotes a greater business dynamic:

– triggering and stimulating entrepreneurship, including sector specialization concerns;
– supporting the genesis of new innovative companies;
– leading existing companies to incorporate in their strategy and organization competitiveness factors: knowledge, innovation, partnerships, technology, internationalization;
– challenging leading companies to share best practices, contributing to the business fabric’s modernization, restructuring, reconversion or consolidation.

Through the following structures:

Corporate Incubator (IE), specially dedicated to the incubation of light industries, industries of medium technological intensity and advanced services of economic activity support.

Business and Innovation Center (CIN), dedicated to innovation and competitiveness support companies whether they were graduated in IET or remaining companies located in the project’s area of influence;

Academy, oriented to companies’ (entrepreneurs, managers and technicians) education and training, by disseminating and sharing best management practices on different practical fields and strategic activity sectors.